Holland Horse Centre..the best solutions for your Equestrian demands

The Holland Horse Centre is a group of professional Dutch companies which share their knowledge and experience regarding horses and horse related products. We believe it is not only about buying a good jumping or dressage horse, but also the whole team and management around the horse and rider what makes the difference and is required for success. But not only our Dutch jumping and dressage horses are the best at World Championships and Olympics, also our horse related products are developed through the years and well known for their quality.

Present experience in Russia
Since the last decennia, the founders of Holland Horse Centre have built up a quality network in Russia. We have close contact with the Russian Equestrian Federation and with the Amateur league by Mr. Rami al Shaer. Currently we are building our business in the different regions.

What we can offer you
Holland Horse Centre offers you the best solutions for your equestrian demands:

  • The best jumpers or dressage horses by excellent Dutch breeding, the international famous Friesian horses, but also young stock and breeding materials
  • High quality horse management and professional training and guidance of the horse and its rider and offering access to several equestrian study's in Holland
  • From optimal design for equestrian centers to stables, from the best conditions for the horse by offering high quality gear- housing- feeding - equestrian surface to veterinary support and transport means; from a wide range of quality food to nutritional supplements
  • Comfortable conditions for the rider by offering training
  • Access to unique training workshops led by well-known trainers in the Netherlands but also in Russia
  • For the children, the quality of the pony is almost the most important condition for the step to become a good rider

Look at News for the latest updates of our services and go to HHC Activity Program for all information like training offers in Holland, workshops and the special package for Jumping Amsterdam January 2012 but also our HHC specialists visits to Russia in 2012.

Meet the professionals of Holland Horse Centre and be inspired by their enthusiasm, knowledge and experience
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