AH Dronten University of Applied Sciences offers a degree programme for students in the equine sector for a successful career in one of the following professional profiles:

- Innovation and risk-taking for profit in the equine business
- Advising entrepreneurs in equine sector on business and stable management
- Policies: formulation and advice
- Nutrition, health and behaviour research

The equine industry is globally booming business. The Netherlands is number one on the World ranking list of sport horse breeding: our horses are internationally known as competent, healthy and sustainable sport horses. The Dutch Equine Sector has grown into a full size organised sector with a professional status and is still developing. The Royal Dutch Warmblood Horses are the protégé of this growth. Therefore, the Netherlands is the place to achieve these specific equine management skills and knowledge and spread them all over the world. Graduates of this course will have first-hand knowledge of practice in the Netherlands, the leading country in the world. Graduates will gain valuable insight into the contrasts in business culture and work ethics existing between regions in Europe.

A study in professional competencies for those positions in companies, industry, government and other national and international institutions where equine management is an important topic. The professional tasks given to professionals in these positions are the backbone of your study.

After successfully completing this 1.5 year programme you will receive the Bachelor degree in Agriculture Business Management.
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