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Roelofsen Horsetrucks

Roelofsen Horsetrucks was founded in 1987 and has built up a solid position and reputation in the equestrian world. We develop tailor-made transport solutions.

 From basic transport to luxurious trucks for multiple horses.
  For two to twelve horses.
   For all disciplines of equestrian sport.

Our products are constructed with durable materials using the latest techniques. Continuous innovation of our techniques and products allows us to maintain our high quality standards.

Roelofsen Horsetrucks: A good horse deserves a great ride and the rider too
Regardless of whether you want to transport three horses or twelve. Or you prefer elegant simplicity or comfortable luxury. Everything is possible and nothing is too complex. Stylish design, perfect travel comfort and unparalleled safety put horse trucks from Roelofsen in a class of their own.

Many of the trucks we build are tailor-made: specially designed to meet the needs and requirements of the customer. Consequently, your truck is always one of a kind. There are countless options when it comes to the living area: from a standard interior to an exceptional and luxurious interior. The horse area is characterised by excellent travel comfort , safety and a perfect finish.

Our horse trucks are available in six base models:
  • RR1 Smart Line
  • RR2 Comfort Line
  • RR3 Sport Line
  • RR4 Performance Line
  • RR5 Exclusive Line
  • RR6 Top Class Line

Parados: the 2-horse car
The Parados two-horse transporter combines the comfort and luxury of a car with the functionality of a horse truck. The car transports two horses and can be easily combined with a horse trailer. This means you can transport four horses with a standard license! With its eye-catching exterior and spacious horse area the Parados combines power, sportiness and a high level of safety with practical ease of use for you and your horses.

The Parados is available in two base models
  • Parados RR Sport.
  • Parados RR Limousine

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