Show Jumping

We sell quality Show jumpers from Holland
The Van Triest Stables is situated near the ancient town of Elburg, one of the most beautiful parts of Holland. We breed, train and sell quality show jumpers from young talents up to Grand Prix show jumpers.

Holland is at this moment leading in show jumping and dressage horses with the last Olympic, World Champions and European Champion. What is very important, is the fact that Dutch horses are well-known for its outstanding character. They have the right temperament to suit amateurs but also adjust and perform on the highest level for children or professionals.

The Van Triest Family is from 1892 situated in Elburg with a fish smoking company. More than 50 years ago Aart van Triest bought his first breeding mare not knowing that the Van Triest Stable would deliver the best show jumpers worldwide. Former horse paper journalist and horse show organizer Herman van Triest has a good eye for a horse and his girlfriend, Grand Prix rider Juulia Jylas is one of the best educators of young horses. Together they built up a successful stable, with worldwide happy new owners as Karim el Zoghby (Egypt), Daisuke Fukishima and Yuta Akatsuka (Japan), Danny van den Bosch and Ludo Philippaerts (Belgium), Jan Tops, Alan Waldman and Peter Wylde (USA), Hani Ibrahim Bisharat (Jordan), Peter Charles (England), Tod Minikus (Canada), Kobi Richter (Israel) etc. If you are looking for a reliable horse to guide you on a higher level or you are a professional with ambition for the top sport, Van Triest Stable is your right partner! Finding your horse takes a proper preparation.

We offer full service which includes:

  • Pre selection of the horses before you make the trip to Holland
  • Assistance with visa application
  • Organize your visit, transport from airport, hotel and horse trials in Holland
  • Vet check and export arrangements.
  • Possibility for insurance
  • Home delivery of the horse in your country.

After sales
  • Once you are in your country we offer training sessions and advice about how to take daily care of the horse
  • We also organize training sessions in Holland
  • If you want to stay for a longer period make we make a plan to enter some interesting shows
  • Enjoy the Dutch hospitality and visit the country where Olympic and World Champions are born

For more information about Stal Van Triest , click here.
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